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Melospeech Inc. provides speech therapy services in your child's natural environment (home, community, playground, daycare/preschool, etc.). We make it easy for you to receive the services you need by traveling to you. In some cases, we may see you virtually (e.g. in cases of illness).  

Melospeech, Inc_edited.png
Melospeech, Inc_edited.png

We partner with caregivers to provide you with play-based and routine-based interventions that you can implement in your home using your child's preferred toys and activities. We will discuss the home plan for the week so that you can continue your child's progress. 

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Communication with our team is easy with our secure 24/7 messaging system! This allows you to reach us securely any time you need us. We will message you to confirm appointments and when we are on our way to your home. As long as you respond with a "yes" we will head over to you!

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"As a speech-language pathologist and mother of an active toddler, I saw firsthand how the pandemic impacted my son's opportunities to interact with other children during his earliest years.  While we can't get that time back, we can do our best to make up for it.  Getting down on the floor and playing toy trains with our son daily while modeling phrases like, "Go, stop, choo choo, more trains!" was no substitute for playing with other kids, but he loved it and learned from it.  Children learn through play and as parents, we can teach them through play.  My team and I are excited to partner with you to grow your child's communication skills."

-Dr. Givona Sandiford, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, CAS, ATACP, SHRM-CP

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At Melospeech Inc our team of licensed professionals has worked hard to earn us certified autism center status and has passed our rigorous hiring and training practices to provide you with exceptional in-person and virtual services. At Melospeech Inc we believe education is key, so we offer our team access to our MeloSpeech Lab for ongoing training on topics relevant to you such as dealing with difficult behaviors, teaching language to young children, and telehealth for toddlers.

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Board Members

Dr. Givona Sandiford

Chairperson of the Board/CEO

My name is Givona but my clients call me Dr. S.  I am the mom of an active 4-year-old. I've been a speech-language pathologist for nearly 20 years and also have previous experience as an app developer.  I founded Melospeech Inc. as a tech-enabled mobile speech therapy company to be able to have a work/life balance that allowed me to watch my little one grow.  Previously I worked as a manager and did not have time to spend with my family.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, I saw that many families were not able to access quality in-person services due to the closures.  I began providing services virtually or in my client's homes while wearing standard PPE.  I received so many referrals that I knew that I needed to bring on more licensed professionals to fill the need for services.  I didn't want to turn anyone away.  I am honored to lead such an amazing team at Melospeech and excited to see what is to come.  My favorite pastimes are reading, working out, and spending time with my family.  I also enjoy playing the piano.

Teresa Novy Board Photo.jpeg

Teresa Novy

Secretary of the Board/COO

My name is Teresa Novy.  I have been married to my amazing husband, Timothy, for 29 years.  I have 21 years of experience working with children with Special Needs.  During the Covid-19 pandemic, I was working as a speech aide in a local school district where I had been for 17 years when I met Dr. S.  She worked with us providing virtual speech therapy services.  I'm thankful that she recognized talents in me that some did not and here I am!  I started with Melospeech as an Administrative Assistant, then Practice Manager for a year, and now I'm so blessed to have been promoted to Chief Operations Officer.  I have also been a singer and guitar player since I was 14. One of my favorite hobbies is photography.  My life motto is "Just trying to live a simply profound life."

Shane Board Photo (1).jpeg

Shane Ward

Vice Chairperson of the Board/ Referrals Manager

Hi! My name is Shane, The Vice Chairman of Melospeech, and I'm honored to be a part of this wonderful team.  After graduating from Purchase College, an art school in New York, I discovered my life would need to be full of 2 ideals:  a passion for all things music, and a vast love for helping others. I made my way to California following a promising music career and now I find myself with blossoming opportunities in both worlds.  I bring a unique combination of skills, drive, and "loving what you do" along with me.  We're helping children find their voices, and I don't see what could be better than that!

Kai Gumataotao Board Photo.jpeg

Kai Gumataotao

Boardmember/ Person Served

My name is Kai Gumataotao.  I was a law school graduate when I found out that I have AVM in my brain, also known as Arteriovenous Malformation. The surgery to correct this left me with speech problems which improved thanks to speech therapy.  I chose to continue with speech therapy services because the therapy works and Dr. Sandiford always had a bright and encouraging attitude.  I am focused on law and advocacy.  I am especially interested in advocacy for animals.

Ruth Vincent Board Photo.jpeg

Ruth Elissaint Vincent

Boardmember/ Parent of Person Served

My name is Ruth Elissaint Vincent.  I am a military spouse.  We moved from Maryland to California in 2021.  My 4-year-old son is on the spectrum and nonverbal.  Dr. Sandiford has been providing her services to us since last year.  Although it is a work in progress with my son, Dr. Sandiford was able to find an AAC app of my son's preference to bridge the communication gap until he uses his voice.  Besides being a mom and a nurse, my hobbies are going to the theater and spending time with my family.

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