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Screening Tools and Assessments

Is your child developing as he/she should? Find out with this quick tool!

The ITSELF:P (Informal Test of Speech, Language, Fluency, and Pragmatics: Primary) is a screening tool that may be used to help you discover how your child communicates compared to other children his/her age. It takes 5-15 minutes to complete and may be used for children ages birth to 6 years of age. Results are based on current normative data used by Speech Language Pathologists nationwide. Get the android version here.

Do you sometimes feel like your words are stuck in your mouth and just won't come out? Become a more fluent speaker by increasing self-awareness and confidence through mastering challenges of increasing difficulty with this app.

SAS-EA (Self-Analysis of Stuttering - Elementary/Adult)

We surveyed hundreds of Speech Language Pathologists and people who stutter to create the perfect tool for those who have difficulty using fluent speech! Our most innovative product is now available! NEW!!

Autism, Early Intervention, and Language Development

Sign language can improve communication and it's fun! Learn basic signs with this fun app!

Melodic Based Communication Therapy (M.B.C.T.) - First Signs will help you or your child learn American Sign Language. The app is perfect for deaf or hearing children and features a video model, actual objects, and a melodic model allowing you or your child to memorize each sign with ease! The app contains 25 first signs with a video model and features actress Kristen Melgoza who credits learning sign language as her method to overcoming her lifelong struggle with stuttering. 

Teach your child 25 first words fast using a melodic model and our 10 step approach!

Melodic Based Communication Therapy (M.B.C.T.) - Level 1 is an evidence based intervention designed to help caregivers and therapists assist nonverbal and low verbal children (less than 10 words) with autism learn to speak. While designed for children with autism, the application may also be used to help young children learn new words. The application will assist in teaching children to say single words that many children learn first using research based melodies. 

The application contains 25 melodies, 25 colorful photos, a link to research on M.B.C.T., an outline of the steps involved in the process, and a method for tracking progress!

Melodic Based Communication Therapy (M.B.C.T.) - Level 1 Therapy Kit - You asked and we listened! Many of you have asked for a version of the M.B.C.T. Level 1 tool that you and your child can hold in your hands! This tool includes the 25 original melodies and 25 toys and/or colorful images. The M.B.C.T. Therapy Kit is now available through CIAO Seminars! NEW!!

Teach many of the early social words and phrases that children learn first!

Melodic Based Communication Therapy (M.B.C.T.) – First Phrases includes 10 animations and 10 melodies depicting functional first words and phrases. While developed for children with autism, the app may be used to teach nonverbal and low verbal toddlers functional words and phrases. Please note this app is designed for children with less than 25 words.  

Children begin to combine words around the age of 24 months! Teach your child to do the same!

Melodic Based Communication Therapy (M.B.C.T.) - Level 2 is evidence-based and easy to use. This app is perfect for preverbal children or toddlers. While developed for children with autism, it may be used to help any child who speaks 25-50 words and does not yet combine words into two word phrases. It includes over 25 different combinations set to standardized melodies. It also includes a therapy “how to” sheet which may be emailed or printed. This app is perfect for anyone who would like to teach a child to begin using two-word combinations.

M.B.C.T. Syllable Drilling - many children have difficulty pronouncing words with more than one syllable. This app may be used to help your child learn to say words with more than one syllable given a melodic model. NEW!!

Teach many of the early regular and irregular plurals that children learn first using a melodic model!

Melodic Based Communication Therapy (M.B.C.T.) - Plurals may be used to help your child learn over 50 plural and singular terms using a music model. The model uses a single voice for singular terms and a chorus for plural terms. The application includes regular and irregular plurals and a method for tracking progress.  

Basic Concepts

A child's understanding of location words is essential for success in the classroom. Teach them with this tool!

Melodic Based Communication Therapy (M.B.C.T.) - Prepositions may be used to help your child learn location words such as: in, out, up, down, under, next to, etc. using melody, rhythm and colorful videos. The app also includes suggestions for use, and a method for tracking progress.

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Coming Soon

M.B.C.T. Conversation Connections - many children with autism struggle with basic conversation skills. This app may be used to help your child learn how to initiate and respond to comments of increasing difficulty. Currently being beta tested.    

We're the Creators of Melodic Based Communication Therapy (M.B.C.T.). See How M.B.C.T. Works!

Adrian was age 7 and nonverbal with autism at the time of initiating Melodic Based Communication Therapy (4x/week for 5 weeks). Family members credit M.B.C.T. for helping him become verbal after having tried many other methods of intervention. You will want to make sure you see updated videos of him 3 years later at age 10 as he now speaks two languages.