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My child has autism and does not speak. What should I do?

Posted on October 8, 2017 at 8:25 PM

My child has autism and does not speak.  What should I do?

If your child has autism and does not speak, you should consult with a speech-language pathologist regarding his/her treatment plan.  You may find a speech-language pathologist through ASHA ProFind or reach out to your local school district in writing regarding your concerns.

If you wish to screen your child's speech/language development, you may wish to try our quick screening app for preschoolers, the ITSELF: P.  You may also choose to save or send the results to share with your local speech-language pathologist.

If you wish to try M.B.C.T. with your child, view our parent resources or click on the Find an M.B.C.T. Provider Near you link!  You may consider our Level 1 M.B.C.T. app while using this approach or record your own standardized melodies.

Becoming a part of your child's unique world is important.  For example, if your child likes bubbles, blow and pop bubbles while adding language to the activity. Presuming competence is an imporant concept for parents with a child with autism to embrace as well.  This simply means assuming your child has the ability and the desire to learn new things even when he/she is not able to say so.

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